Established in 2006, ABCSA is a non-government funded, non-profit peer support organisation. Our main objective is to encourage, help and guide those who are living with or have walked through the realities of having a brain cancer/tumour diagnosis.

We are patients, carers, mums and dads, families and friends touched by brain cancer/tumour. We are passionate advocates for brain cancer awareness and funding for research.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we hold a monthly Coffee Morning and membership is free. The meetings provide a platform where we can share and discuss issues regarding our brain cancer journeys in a safe and friendly environment.

According to the Neurosurgical Research Foundation (NRF) brain cancer kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. In Australia alone, about 1400 brain tumours are diagnosed per year. It is more critical than ever to find a cure.

ABCSA has hosted Movie Fundraising Events to commemorate International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.  Funds raised have gone towards much needed brain cancer awareness and research.

The Adult Brain Cancer Support Association aims to give support, encouragement, help and guidance to adults diagnosed with brain cancer, their families, friends and carers by:

  1. Helping people understand options and support sources through Education and / or Training.
  2. Promoting individual, public and professional awareness of their ‘unique’ needs and the support that they require.
  3. Promoting and providing training for members and group leaders.
  4. Promoting and contributing to research where appropriate.
  5. Developing specific groups dedicated to their needs and requirements.
  6. Providing resources and information.
  7. Providing telephone support by trained members.
  8. Providing opportunities to socialise and develop friendships.
  9. Providing advocacy and effecting improvements for open and appropriate information from health professionals regarding support services and best practice care.
  10. Affiliating and networking with other relevant organisations.
  11. Conducting fund raising in order to provide these services and support, and contribute to other like organisations.

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